Milana, M. (2018). Global polity in adult education and UNESCO: landmarking, brokering, and framing policy. In J. Resnik (Ed.), The Power of Numbers and Networks: Understanding the Mechanisms of Diffusion of Educational Models (pp. 53-76). Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon / New York, NY: Routledge.

Aknowledging the complexity of local–global interconnections, the author argues for the adoption of a global polity perspective in adult education, here applied to study mobilisation processes that occur through UNESCO. The findings point to three processes that cross geopolitical borders and professional interests: ‘landmarking’, by which a shared sense of a common past is created; ‘brokering’, which helps shape a common future direction; and ‘framing’, which is used to convert ideational landscapes into material government-led actions. The theoretical perspectives and analytical insights presented could be used in analogous studies in other areas of education or with a focus on different political actors.

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