Dr. Marcella Milana

University of Verona (Italy)

She researches the politics, policy and governance of adult education and learning, from comparative and global perspectives. Her research interests and approach have been influenced by the changing nature of education policy (under neoliberalism), and the increasing complexity of education governance and Europeanization processes.

Professor Palle Rasmussen

Scientific Committee - Aalborg University (Denmark)

He researches education and education policy through a sociological approach, and at times from a comparative perspective. His main focus is adult education and lifelong learning, but he also researches other issues such as school choice and marketization, and he takes an interest in broader social theory and methodology.

Dr. Paolo Landri

Scientific Committee - Institute of Research on Population and Social Policies of the National Research Council of Italy (Italy)

He is interested in educational organizations, professional learning, and educational policies from a sociological and comparative perspective. He is currently working on the digital governance of education, particularly on how the platformization of education in Europe and elsewhere is reshaping professional, institutional, and individual subjectivities.

Professor John Holford

Scientific Committee - Nottingham University (United Kingdom)

He is a political sociologist and historian of adult education. His research has explored lifelong learning policies and practices in international (particularly European) and comparative contexts. He is especially interested in how adult learning, citizenship, and democratic governance interact in societal and institutional settings.

Dr. Larson Anne

Scientific Committee - Aarhus University (Denmark)

She is interested in adult education and lifelong learning policy at both national and transnational level, including how the two levels interact. Her main focus is on what influences the political agenda and how policy has an impact on the life of different groups of adults from a sociological as well as political science perspective.

Dr. Francesca Rapanà

Associated member - University of Verona (Italy)

Currently a post-doc fellow, she researches about the enhancement of civic engagement through school-community partnerships. Her research interests cover adult education, citizenship education and education in prison.

Dr. Francesca Lasi

Associated member - University of Verona (Italy)

Currently a PhD student in Human Sciences. Her research focuses on how adult education policies are translated into practices in schools. She is particularly interested in adult basic and secondary education policies and in second language education policies.

Dr. Annette Rasmussen

Associated member - Aalborg University (Denmark)

Her main discipline is education sociology, and she has specific interests and expertise in ethnographic approaches to education policies and practices, and on issues of socialisation, evaluation, differentiation, and inequality in education. She is doing research with special regard to the Nordic welfare states’ vision of education for all and how this is restructured within the frames of global neoliberalism.

Dr. Gosia (Malgorzata) Klatt

Associated member - Melbourne University (Australia)

She researches youth transitions, vocational education, education system transitions, education policy and governance—across several education levels, from secondary school to vocational training and adult education. Her research interests include education governance in multi-level governance systems in Australia and Europe.

Dr. Margherita Bussi

Associated member - University of Louvain (Belgium)

Her research interests include welfare, active labour market and education and training policy, particularly targeting young adults, in Europe and at the national level. Her research focus extends from policy formulation to policy implementation in the context of the European multilevel governance.

Dr. Pia Cort

Associated member - Aarhus University (Denmark)

She researches the policy-practice nexus in lifelong learning policies at both national and transnational level. Her key research interests cover the temporal aspects of lifelong learning policies and how these policies create conditions for coming into ‘being’ as a professional, a student, and a citizen.

Dr. Borut Mikulec

Associated member - University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)

He researches policy of adult education and learning from comparative, European and global perspectives and focuses on the role that international organizations (EU, OECD, UNESCO) play in shaping education policy. His research interests have been influenced by globalisation and Europeanisation processes.

Dr. Paula Guimarães

Associated member - University of Lisbon (Portugal)

She is assistant professor at the institute of Education, where she belongs to the Research and Development Unit in Education and Training. She studies adult education policies at national and supranational levels and publishes regularly in Portugal and abroad.​