Vatrella, S., Milana, M. (2019). European Governance and Educational Policy. Youth Guarantee as a ‘Trail’ between Labour and Learning. Scuola Democratica, 4, pp. 189-205.

This article focuses on the relationship between European governance mechanisms and national policies. Specifically, we present a study on Youth Guarantee (YG) and examine how this policy tool impacts and modifies the field of adult education and training. In doing so, the article retraces the steps that have led this European instrument to assume its current configuration, identifies the funding mechanisms set up for implementing it and analyses the form YG takes in Italy. The article closes by presenting some considerations about the way these two policy areas (work and education), situated at the crossroads between European initiatives and local translations, converge within a fragmented framework which often stem from and feed into the ‘economic reasoning’ underlying both areas.

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