Visiting scholars

The “Hannah Arendt Center for Political Studies” at the University of Verona welcomes visiting scolars.

Unfortunately we cannot provide funding of any kind but we are able to offer:

  • a workplace at the Host Department (with internet access)
  • access to university libraries
  • information and support regarding the procedure for obtaining your Italian permit of stay

If you  are interested in spending a period in Verona at the “Hannah Arendt Center for Political Studies”, please send us your application at and, including:

  • your CV
  • a short presentation of your current research and/or research project
  • information about the duration of your research stay (from two weeks to one year)
  • any other useful information

Due to organizational needs, you may apply during the following periods:

5 January – 25 January (for stays from the Fall of the current year)

5 June – 25 June (for stays from the following year)

Responses to applications will be given by 15 February and 15 July respectively