Carlo Chiurco

Carlo Chiurco (Trieste, 1971) graduated from the University of Venice under the supervision of Emanuele Severino. From 1999 to 2010 he worked for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. In 2011 he was appointed assistant professor of ethics at the University of Verona, where in 2019 he became associate professor. He is a founder member of the research center “Asklepios – Philosophy & Care”, and editor of the series “CARES. Care, Environment & Responsibility, Special Ethics”. Since 2016 he sits on the board of the Italian Society of Ethics.


My research activity focuses on general and applied ethics. As for the former, my fields of interest are philosophy of relation and the theory of care; the latter include global bioethics and the philosophy of medicine, with special regard for medical bioethics (i.e., the problem of the end of life). A constant throughout my research activity has been the philosophy of Nietzsche, in particular, his last works and the dynamics behind the rise and fall of civilizations.


Address: via San Francesco 22, Verona, I-37129; Palazzo di Lettere, stanza/room 2.09.

Tel.: +39 328 1818488




Twitter: @ChiurcoCarlo

Instagram: @doncarlos1971