Matteo Bonazzi

Matteo Bonazzi graduated in Philosophy at the University of Milan with a thesis on Hegel and Derrida. He obtained the PhD in Philosophy at the University of Milan with a thesis dedicated to the last teaching of Jacques Lacan. He was a research fellow at the University of Milan-Bicocca for four years. He then graduated in Psychology at the University of Pavia and obtained the title of Psychotherapist at the Freudian Institute in Rome. He taught Philosophy and History at the high school “Liceo E. Majorana”  of Desio (MB). He has taught at various universities and institutions, including the Universities of Milan, Milan-Bicocca, Verona,  Freudian Institute of  Milan, CISA of Lugano, SUPSI in Mendrisio. Since 2021 he has been an Assistant Professor of Moral Philosophy at the Department of Human Sciences of the University of Verona, where he teaches Philosophy of History, Phenomenology of Care, Ethics and Philosophy of the Person.


His research fields start from his initial studies on German idealism, in particular on the processes of subjectivation attributable to Hegelian Phenomenology, passing through the deconstruction of Jacques Derrida and arriving at Lacanian-oriented psychoanalysis. He deals with the relationship between philosophy and psychoanalysis, with the ethical and political implications of psychoanalysis, with the links between writing, body and subjectivation.

The authors he mostly refers to in his research and teaching activities are : G.W.F. Hegel, J. Lacan, J. Derrida, M. Heidegger, M. Merleau-Ponty, J.-L. Nancy, S. Freud, B. Pascal, M. De Certeau, M. Foucault. 

He is a psychotherapist (enrolled in the Order of Lombard Psychologists), psychoanalyst (member of SLP and AMP), scientific coordinator of the Research Center “Tiresia for Philosophy and Psychoanalysis” of the University of Verona, Managing editor of “PHI / PSY. Journal of philosophy and psychoanalysis” (ETS editions), President of the clinical-cultural association «CLAC. Clinic of contemporary adolescence».


Address: via Losanna 14, 20154 Milano

Telephone: 3356852559