Michele Scandola


Michele Scandola started his Ph.D. in Cognitive, Social and Affective Neuroscience at the University of Rome “Sapienza” in 2011. His research topics concern body representations consequently spinal cord injuries, which were immediately expanded covering also space and action representations. He mainly uses Bayesian approaches of investigation, and he is currently director of the summer school of Bayesian statistics for the Human, Social and Cognitive sciences. In the future, he wants to expand his research topics in the integration of generative and causal models of human cognition, to explain the body, action and space representations.


  • Body representation
  • Action representation
  • Space representation
  • Bayesian methodologies
  • Embodied Cognition Theory


Address: Lungadige Porta Vittoria, 17, Verona
Phone: 045 802 8407
Email: michele.scandola@univr.it
Website: michele.scandola@netlify.app