Sara Patuzzo

After a philosophy degree at the University of Verona and several specializations in Padua and Venice, I did research in history of medical ethics at the University of Turin, where I obtained a PhD in bioethics. Once I returned to Verona, I started to carry out research activities as research fellow at the School of Medicine and Surgery and working with the Italian Medical Association, for which I contributed the revision of the Code of medical ethics latest edition. From here, I started to lay the foundations for a European Code of medical ethics, the draft of which I developed in cooperation at the University of Zurich, following the international award of the Swiss National Research Foundation. Further research led me to investigate topical issues of bioethical debate in synergy with the University of Genoa and, at the same time, to carry out teaching activities as professor on contract at the University of Verona. The set of these achieved results finally led me to obtain the national scientific habilitation as associate professor in history of medicine.


History of medicine; My main research interests are in history of medical ethics and bioethics.