Alias. Transgender People’s Right to Name, Education and Work

In Italy, sex reassignment surgery is no longer compulsory in order for transgender people to change their name on their papers. The name change must nonetheless be authorized by doctors and judges through a long process during which the person maintains the previous name. This prevents transgender people from quickly obtaining papers that reflect their identity, limiting their right to education and work.

In the spirit of the Resolution 2048 by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which calls for EU member states to render the transition process faster and smoother, the Academic Senate of the University of Verona has approved the possibility for transgender students and employees to request a “alias identity.” This means that their name of choice is recognized within the University even if it doesn’t appear yet on their papers.

The international day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia provides the best opportunity to present this important development to the academic community and the citizenry as a whole, and to discuss the current state of affairs regarding transgender rights in Italy.

Laurealla Arietti, Christian Ballarin, Anna Lorenzetti, Porpora Marcasciano, Giovanni Papalia, Maria Gigliola Toniollo

16.00, room T1 (ground floor)
Polo Zanotto, University of Verona
viale Università 4, Veorna

Poster of the conference