Digital Stretch Marks

Smagliature Digitali (Digital Stretch Marks) is a book curated by Carlotta Cossutta, Valentina Greco, Arianna Mainardi and Stefania Voli, which has been published in 2018 by Agenzia X, a publishing house from Milan.

“This book is a transfeminist queer cyborg looking through a kaleidoscope”.

That is how the curators of the book have defined their collective creation in the introduction to the volume. The book consists of a series of essays, all of which address various aspects of technologies, from different points of view, using instruments from different disciplines.

All of the contributions take into consideration the controversial and ambivalent nature of this phenomenon, all of them place bodies and experiences at the center and are informed by such methodologies as intersectionality and gender studies.

In collaboration with the collective La Sirena and the bookshop Libre!.

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