Families and Educational Contexts: Doing Research in a Conflicting, Diverse Territory

Chiara Sità, Massimo Modesti

Within a phase of deep social change and increase of differences, the relationship between families and educational contexts (such as school) has become a ground of contrast and debate. The contrasts are often based on implicit, taken-for-granted beliefs about what is “family”, “nature”, “education”, “instruction”, “culture”. We seem to forget that an educational setting is the dynamic outcome of complex interactions between subjects, desires, expectations, beliefs, taking shape in everyday practices.
Massimo Modesti and Chiara Sità, both Ph.D. in Education, are discussing some of the consequences of this framework on research methods in educational settings, basing on their past and current researches on migrant families, parent support, LGBT youth life paths.

14.30-17.00: room Lorenzi, Chiostro S. Maria delle Vittorie (I floor), Lungadige Porta Vittoria 41, Verona


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