Gender’s Claim

This seminar originates from the work of the interdisciplinary research centre Politesse. Starting from the studies on the notion of gender carried out by the research centre, we questioned the forms of recognition both within the university and in relation to social movements.

For this purpose, we use a confrontation between three authors, three philosophers, who treated the theme of recognition in very different ways one from each other: Carla Lonzi, Judith Butler and Axel Honneth. 
Starting from how each of the three means the concept of recognition, critical issues will be highlighted, particularly in the relationship between recognition, gender and power.

We wonder what are the subjects who ask for this recognition and from who they asked to be recognized (both from an institutional and cultural point of view), moving the concept from the sphere of political philosophy to the one of practice and practices of social movements concerning the gender dimension in an intersectional perspective. The works of the three authors will therefore serve as a guideline and an opportunity to discuss contemporary forms of recognition.

With Carlotta Cossutta, Valeria Mercandino ed Elisa Virgili

University of Verona
Seminar Room
Palazzo Zorzi
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 – Verona