Intersex: International Developments

Morgan Carpenter (Organisation Intersex International – Australia)
introduced by Michela Balocchi

Dominated by North American activists, the first wave intersex movement confronted the medical profession and achieved a degree of real change before becoming fractured by the  introduction of new and pathologising terminology, DSD, ‘Disorders of Sex Development’. The new language has accelerated the bio-medicalisation of intersex characteristics. Around a decade later, a human rights-focused movement has come to the fore. Real change is beginning, with positive developments in Malta, Australia, and the Council of Europe. Morgan Carpenter will speak about the Australian experience, and also international developments in the human rights space.

(A photo from the third Intersex Global Forum, Malta 2013)

14.30-17.00: meeting room Department TeSIS, Palazzo di Lingue e Lettere (iii floor), via San Francesco 22, Verona