“Modus Operandi”

The research situations conceived to observe and analyze the reality involve some epistemological and methodological problems that call into question the subjectivity of the researcher. In particular, issues related to gender and sexuality raise questions about the participation of scholars in activist or institutional contexts, about their position, and the ethical and political effects of the dissemination of the research. For the academic year 2014/2015, the seminar of the Research Centre PoliTeSse will propose several meetings, exploring, from different disciplinary points of view, whether theoretical or empirical, these epistemological and methodological problems, and also the strategies conceived and practiced by the researchers.

How can we conceive and confront the collapse and failures of mono-disciplinary methods? Through its latest installation, ideadestroyingmuros offers “Qui perd trouve”, an encouragement to gamble on losses and injustices as occasions of and tools for understanding, in contrast to a system of knowledge production that aspires to win.

University of Verona – academic year 2014/2015