Port* Apert*

The PolitTeSse Research Centre presents Port* Apert*, a series of seminars spread over the course of the 2018-2019 academic session that we hope will be enjoyed by both an academic audience and the wider public. Experts, authors and researchers will present and discuss research and publications that examine various aspects of sexuality in terms of their theoretical (e.g. philosophical, political, historical, psychological, pedagogical, social, cultural) implications, but also – crucially – in terms of what they mean for how we actually live.
The idea behind Port* Apert* is to break down the barriers that surround academia and the knowledge and data it produces, on the principle that – as we believe – the ultimate end of a piece of research does not lie in the publication of a book, paper or study report, but rather in engaging with those who have a stake in the process, whether they are professionals from the field in question or other citizens.

We therefore extend an invitation to join us as we invade university lecture halls, bookshops and other spaces around the city to consider the theoretical and practical aspects of a range of subjects and debate the social, ethical and political questions that emerge.

University of Verona and City of Verona – second semester 2018-2019


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