Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. New Challenges for Social Work

Sexual orientation and gender identity are underexplored dimensions in the field of social work. Therefore, professionals  are still lacking effective tools to foster and protect the rights and well-being of LGBT people. Benedetto Madonia’s book aims at filling this gap in the Italian context: it provides a set of theoretical and operational tools to challenge those stereotypes, stigmatizations and social models that prevent services to tackle LGBT people’s needs and become actually inclusive.

Benedetto Madonia is a social worker of the Florence City Council within the “Adult, family and social inclusion” department. He contributes to several journals in the field of social work and in 2017 he was awarded of the “Gender stereotypes analysis and contrast prize” of the Foreigner Univeristy of Siena funded by the Toscana Region.

The author will discuss his book with Giulia Selmi and Cristina Lonardi.

Seimnar Room – Palazzo Zorzi (1st floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17

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