Surrogacy: Altruism, Self-determination or Exploitation?

Surrogacy is a practice of medically assisted procreation that allows one or two people to become parents thanks to the gestational contribution of a third woman. The gametes can belong to the future parents  or to donors. For years, surrogacy has been the subject of complex ethical and juridical debates that have divided Western societies. It involves issues such as procreative and bodily self-determination, the protection of minors who born through surrogacy and the inevitable abuses that this practice can generate. This meeting aims to reflect on how this phenomenon connects with options of altruism, self-determination and exploitation.

Alexander Schuster and Alessandra Cordiano

15.30, room Falcone Borsellino (first floor)
University of Verona, Department of Juridical Sciences
via Carlo Montanari 9, Verona

Poster of the conference