Thinking about gender in times of neoliberalism and neofundamentalism

Elisa A.G. Arfini, Carlotta Cossutta

In times of neoliberalism and neofundamentalist crusades against “gender”, what does it mean to assert that “gender” is still an instrument of fighting and to think in terms of critique? As we know, neoliberalism aims at tackling gender based exclusions, by including gender and sexual minorities within processes of production and enhancement, such as diversity management and pinkwashing. But also by opening new possibilities of individual and collective subjectivation, that take advantages of the demobilization and the privatization of subjects that used to be contentious. These are some of the issues explored in Il genere tra neoliberalismo e neofondamentalismo, ombre corte, Verona 2016, edited by Federico Zappino.

11.50-13.30, room SMT.02
University of Verona, Polo Santa Marta
via Cantarane 24

Poster of the seminar