Tribadi, Sodomiti, Invertite and Invertiti, Pederasti, Femminelle, Ermafroditi… A History of Homosexuality, Bisexuality and Gender Transgressions in Italy

In the last decades, historical studies in Italy have been paying to sexual minorities an attention beyond comparison in Humanities, thanks to the contributions of both academic and independent scholars. The first intent of the conference is taking a stock of the state of the art of the research, but it also aims at: reflecting on the epistemological foundations of the discipline; valuing the role played by non-academic researchers, coming from feminists and LGBTQI political movements; asserting the dignity and importance of their contributions; giving investigators the possibility to interact, since this field of research has by now lacked opportunities of discussion, apart from the significant case of the modern history of lesbianism.

The event is sponsored by the Research Centre PoliTeSse (Politics and Theories of Sexuality – Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology), TeSIS Department (Time, Space, Image and Society), CSC (Interuniversity Centre of Cultural History).

21-22 September 2015
Room 2.3 (second floor)
University of Verona, Palazzo di Lettere
Via San Francesco 22, Verona

Poster and program




Recordings of the conference on Radio Radicale – first day

Recordings of the conference on Radio Radicale – second day