The STEP / LGBTI+ Equality Policies (2022-2024) project aims to contribute to the study of the impact political systems, party politics and the political participation of LGBTI+ organizations and people in policy-making processes on the institutional trajectories and the adoption of LGBTI+ equality policies in Italy, and in a comparative perspective within the European Union.

The STEP project – made possible by the Emma Goldman Award 2022 that Massimo Prearo received in 2022 – is the first step in a two years-project that will carry out a research on the paradigm shifts and the policy change involving sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex caractheristics at the European and national level since the early 2000s. In particular the project will focus on the influence of political and institutional factors on LGBTI+ policies in order to understand what are the dynamics that describe and explain the heterogeneity of solutions that EU member states devise to fulfill supranational obligations and expectations.

Scientific coordinator: Massimo Prearo