Sara Garbagnoli

Sociologist and feminist, Sara Garbagnoli is a researcher associated to the Laboratoire d’Études de Genre et de Sexualité – LEGS (C.N.R.S., Université Paris 8, Université Paris Nanterre). Her research interests lie at the intersections of feminist theory, discourse analysis and sociology of social movements, focusing on the historical process of emergence of the field of gender and sexuality studies and the resistances to it. Sara is intensively involved in academic and civil society debates in France and Italy. Her publications include numerous articles in journal such as «Religion & Gender», «Les Cahiers du Genre», «Genesis», «About Gender». She coedited with Vincenza Perilli a collection of articles on materialist feminism Non si nasce donna. Percorsi, testi e contesti del femminismo materialista in Francia. With Massimo Prearo she is the author of La croisade « anti-gender ». Du Vatican aux Manif pour Tous (Textuel 2017). She has recently participated to the books Anti-Gender Campaigns in Europe: Mobilizations Against Equality edited by R. Kuhar and D. Paternotte (Rowman & Littlefield, 2017) and Antiféminismes et masculinismes d’hier et d’aujourd’hui edited by C. Bard, M. Blais and F. Dupuis-Déri (Presses Universitaires de France, 2019). With V. Ribeiro Corossacz and V. Perilli, she has translated and prefaced Colette Guillaumin’s book Sexe, race et pratique du pouvoir (Sesso, razza e pratica del potere, Ombre Corte, 2020).