Simona Forti

Simona Forti is Professor of Political Philosophy at Università del Piemonte, and at Graduate Programme in Philosophy at Turin University (Italy).
She is Part-time Faculty Professor at The New School for Social Research, Philosophy Dep.; she has been Visiting Professor at Columbia University ICLS (2017), and “Fulbright Distinguished Chair” Professor at Northwestern University (2014).
She is widely recognized in Italy and abroad for her far-reaching studies on Hannah Arendt’s thought and the philosophical idea of totalitarianism. In recent years she has given important contributions to the debate on Biopolitics launched by Michel Foucault, by focusing on Nazi biopolitics of the souls and democratic biopolitics of the bodies. In her last volume, New Demons: Rethinking Power and Evil Today, translated into English and published by Stanford University Press in 2015, she deals with contemporary and post-foundational reshaping of the notion of evil.