Book Presentation: Intersex. A Multidisciplinary Anthology

Presentation of the book: Intersex. Antologia Multidisciplinare (Edizioni ETS, Pisa 2019).

With the editor Michela Balocchi (PoliTeSse), and Stefano Osella (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology – Department Law and Anthropology), Francesca Testi (University of Verona), Vale Lica (intersexioni). Chair: Lorenzo Bernini (University of Verona).

What is intersex? What does it mean that the binary sex/gender system can not include all the variations of (chromosomal, genetic, gonadal, hormonal, and anatomic) sex characteristics? Why are the atypical sex characteristics medically and surgically treated, even though the young bodies are healthy and do not need urgent and life-saving medical interventions? Why doesn’t the medical system wait for the full consent of the directly involved individuals? What intersex human rights are at stake?

This anthology wants to shed light on those and many other questions. It collects chapters written by authors who worked on pioneering intersex research from different perspectives and disciplines. The book is divided in 3 sections: it starts with the crisis of the binary model of sex in the contemporary molecular biology and developmental genetics and the birth of the intersex movement; the middle is focused on the medical practices on intersex bodies between biological data and socio-cultural facts; the third part analyzes the legal aspects related to the existence of intersex individual, and to their (missing) human rights.
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