Futures, Technologies and Bodies from Donna Haraway to Xenofeminism

The relation between bodies and new technologies opens up unforeseen political horizons. PoliTeSse presents a seminar to explore how feminist scholars and activists have framed this relation and which are the results of their theoretical and practical engagement.

The first part (15.30 – University of Verona) will be devoted to analyse the political impact of technological mediation on daily life and bodily experiences. The seminar will be focused on Donna Haraway’s thought and Xenofeminism, to investigate the lines of resonance and the divergences between these positions.

The debate will work as an introduction for the screening of the documentary Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival that will take place at La Sobilla (20.00 – Salita Santo Sepolcro 6b – Verona).

With Carlotta Cossutta (Università del Piemonte Orientale), Valeria Venditti (University College Cork) e Elisa Virgili (PoliTeSse)

Room 1.5, first floor Palazzo di Lettere
Via San Francesco, 22 – Verona

La Sobilla
Salita Santo Sepolcro, 6/b (Porta Vescovo) – Verona  

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