Gender, sexuality, chronicity: The experience of chronic illness in biographical narratives

Narrare il genere nel contesto della salute: la costruzione delle maschilità nelle esperienze di diabete, Valeria Quaglia, University of Milano / University of Torino

Fuori tempo, fuori spazio. Narrazioni di giovani LGBTQ* con malattie croniche in Portogallo, Mara Pieri, University of Coimbra

Chair: Elisa AG Arfini, University of Milano

Discussants: Roberto Leone, University of Verona
Francesco Farinella, Health4LGBTI project, University of Verona

This seminar critically engages with disability studies, queer theory, and the sociology of health and illness by presenting two case studies on the experience of chronic illness in its relationship with embodied sexual and gendered subjectivities. The experience of chronicity holds a liminal space within the study of health, illness narratives and biographical trajectories, as well of gender and sexuality studies. However, studies on the experience of chronic illness allow for theoretical reconceptualization of the issues of temporalities and biographical disruptions, sexual embodiment and intimacies. An intersectional approach on health practices beyond the biomedical model brings into light the negotiations on gender and sexual embodiment that emerge when living with chronic illness. The discussion will build on the most recent empirical result of two ongoing qualitative sociological inquiries conducted between Italy and Portugal.

Aula Riunioni – Palazzo Zorzi (second floor)
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17 Verona