“Keep Your Hands off the Children”. The (Pseudo)scientific Arguments of No-gender Discourses

The debate on same-sex parenting, that the discussion about DDL Cirinnà has strongly intensified in the last year, highlighted the pervasive impact of no-gender speech. The seminar goes deep into the ways in which a “cultural fraud”, founded on the scientific inconsistency of “gender ideology”, was massively spread throughout Italy. It is to understand how this discourses have progressively structured a (pseudo)scientific speech on the presumed “against-nature” character of same-sex parenting relations and on “needs” and “rights” of children.

Massimo Prearo and Chiara Sità

15.30, video room (third floor)
University of Verona, Palazzo Zorzi
Lungadige Porta Vittoria 17, Verona

Poster of the conference