Sex as a Political Category to Be Destroyed: On the Lesbian Writing and Thought of Monique Wittig

In occasion of the publication of Corpo a corpo con il linguaggio. Il pensiero e l’opera letteraria di Monique Wittig by Eva Feole (Edizioni ETS, 2020), the research center PoliTeSse – Politiche e Teorie della Sessualità (University of Verona) and the research center LEGS – Laboratoire d’études de genre et de la sexualité (University of Paris 8) are organizing a seminar that brings together some of the main Italian and French scholars of Wittig’s work to discuss the relevance of her theoretical analyses and to explore the political strenght of her literary writing.

During the seminar, the main aspects of the feminist and lesbian materialist theorist’s thought will be presented and examined: from sex as a political category to be destroyed, to language as a double-edged weapon, from minority literary texts as war machines to overthrow straight mind, to lesbianism as a political and existential horizon beyond sex categories. Considerable attention will also be given to commenting on the history of French feminism and analyzing her literary works.

Monday 12 Avril from 3.30 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

Introduction and chair: Irene Villa (Università di Verona, PoliTeSse).
Speakers: Sara Garbagnoli (PoliTeSse, LEGS), Ilana Eloit (University of Losanna and LEGS), Catherine Ecarnot (Indipendent researcher), Nadia Setti (University of Paris 8, LEGS), Eva Feole (IHRIM).
With Suzette Robichon (associazione Les amie.s de Monique Wittig).

The seminar will be in Italian and English.

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