Women’s Political Subjectivity and Democracy in Italy: Past, Present and Future Perspectives

Tristana Dini, Cristina Gramolini, Valeria Mercandino, Annalisa Marino, Serena Sapegno, Chiara Zamboni
Orsetta Giolo, Lucia Re, Olivia Guaraldo

A round table on the complex theme of women’s political subjectivities and their relationship with democratic processes. Feminist activists of different backgrounds are invited to an open discussion on the impact of feminist issues today on Italian society at large, where misogyny, violence against women and commodification of women’s bodies are still unresolved issues. Can feminism still impact on society, new generations, media and politics? Can different feminist forms of activism work together in order to produce significant changes in Italian society?

From 11 to 17: Room 2.3, Palazzo di Lingue e Lettere (II floor), via San Francesco 22, Verona




introduzione di Olivia Guaraldo


Intervento di Tristana Dini


Intervento di Cristina Gramolini


Intervento di Serena Sapegno


Intervento di Chiara Zamboni


Intervento di Annalisa Marino


Intervento di Valeria Mercandino